Kartra Vs Infusionsoft (Keap)

There’s no wonder why you’d like more information about Kartra vs Infusionsoft…

As both of these softwares have done amazing things.

So be sure to keep on reading…

As here is what I will be going over in this post:

  • The overall costs and pricing.
  • Some of the best benefits and features.
  • And last but not least will be the winner of the battle of the titans.

Let’s quickly get into it.

Comparing Kartra And Infusionsoft Video

In case you’re more of a visual person…

Here is a great video when it comes to comparing both software.

And of course the winner?

Now we can continue the post.

Comparing Infusionsoft

So I’m going to be talking about Infusionsoft and their pricing plans first.


It’s easy to see that Infusionsoft has conducted many changes with how they operate.

FUN FACT: They even changed their name to Keap.

  • Maybe it is to keep up with the competitors.
  • Or maybe it is because they are testing out some cool behind the scenes things.


Here’s a rough estimate of their pricing and how much you’d be looking to pay.

(I say rough estimate because you can always add more to each plan)

  • 500 contacts begins at $50 a month.
  • 1,500 contacts begins at $65 a month.
  • 2,500 contacts begins at $90 a month.
  • 5,000 contacts begins at $115 a month.
  • 10,000 contacts begins at $150 a month.
  • 25,000 contacts begins at $175 a month.
  • 50,000 contacts begins at $190 a month.


There’s more where that came from too.

The packages mentioned above also come with:

  • 1 user account.
  • Countless emails.
  • Contact management.
  • Marketing automation.

And you can also add in these features (if you want to add more to your monthly cost):

  • eCommerce.
  • Sales pipeline.

And then of course is the somewhat fine-print.

The majority of plans come along with 50% off for 3 months (but you need a 1 year contract).


And last but not least?

There’s a one time fee of $299 for new user training (which isn’t included in the monthly quote)…

But at least it does get better.

It used to be $1,999 but it’s now $299 (which is a massive discount).

In my opinion.

The Infusionsoft pricing can be pretty confusing.

Let’s move onto with what comes along with Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft Features

This is where the rubber meets the road…

So aside from the video I’ll put below:

Here are some of the popular Keap features.

Inusionsoft CRM

CRM happens to stand for Customer Relationship Management…

And managing the relationship of customers they do very well.

Infusionsoft’s CRM allows you to:

  • Collect all of the crucial data about your leads.
  • Organize your contacts how you like (to help save you time).
  • And of course upload, manage, and store info like name, email, address, etc.

In case you’re more of a visual person (like me)…

Here is a Infusionsoft CRM overview demo video down below you can watch:

Alright let’s move onto the next feature.

Infusionsoft Marketing Automation

Because who doesn’t like automation right?

Along with this comes Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder…

Which is a drag and drop editor that allows you to do some seriously complex things.

Infusionsoft also offers ready made campaign templates in their marketplace.

That will certainly save you a ton of time an effort.

Infusionsoft Statistics and Reports

If you love keeping an eye on your growing stats?

Then you’ll definitely love this feature.

This all about doing cool things like:

  • Tracking your open rates, click through rates, and conversions.
  • Measuring and evaluating the performance of landing pages.
  • Monitoring your campaigns in real time (to see movements).
  • And of course being able to change things in order to increase your profits.


Let’s shine the spotlight on more major feature.

Infusionsoft Landing Page Builder

Because this is an important factor when it comes to Kartra vs Infusionsoft.

So yes.

Infusionsoft (or Keap) does come along with a spiffy little drag and drop builder…

Which come along with templates too to make your life easier.

Would you like to see how it work?

Then here is a great demo video for you when it comes to creating landing pages.

Pretty cool right?


Let’s flip the script and dive into what Kartra has to offer.

Comparing Kartra

Now we can shine a little light on the important aspects of Kartra.

First and foremost I’ll be covering the 3 main pricing plans (there’s 6 total):

  • The Starter Plan which is $89 per month.
  • The Silver Plan which is $149 per month.
  • The Gold Plan which is $299 per month.

And all of the plans come with a nice little 14 day trial.

One more thing.

Each plan comes with different perks and benefits.

So if you’d like to see the complete pricing plans and details…

Alright moving on now.

Kartra Features

It wouldn’t be an official Infusionsoft vs Kartra battle without more features…

So let’s dive into what Kartra has to offer.

Kartra Funnels and Campaigns

In a nutshell?

This is what you can compare to Infusionsoft’s marketing automation.

Here’s what this specific feature can help you accomplish (utilizing their drag and drop builder):

  • You can send emails and SMS or remove tags.
  • You can have someone subscribe or unsubscribe to specific lists.
  • You can add or remove a person from a sequence (and move to another).
  • And of course you can delay the time time in between the actions that you setup.

Here is a straight to the point video about how this feature works.

And up next we have.

Kartra Analytics

Now when it comes to their analytics?

At first it doesn’t seem like this section would pack quite the marketing punch…

But there’s actually more than meets the eye:

  • When it comes to your emails, opens, clicks, and conversions? You can track them.
  • How your marketing pages are performing? You can certainly find out.
  • Those automations and sequences you created? You can the details there.
  • All of the split tests that you run? Yup.
  • And there’s a ton more where that came from.

Here is a quick video to walk you through this feature a little more:

And let’s look at one more cool Kartra feature.

Kartra Affiliate Management

Looking to create an army of affiliate and product your:

  • Offers…
  • Products…
  • Or even services?

Then this is going to be right up your alley.

Here’s what you can do when it comes to this affiliate management feature:

  • You can set how and when affiliates get paid.
  • Add in questions and terms before someone gets approved.
  • You can set commissions globally, by product, and affiliate type.
  • Simply check out and approve affiliates who sign up to promote your offers.

And a ton more features.

Once again.

Check out the video down below for more information about this:

And as noted before…

Kartra has SO many more features than what I talked about.

So if you want more details…


Let’s get a winner.

So let’s finish up this Kartra vs Infusionsoft battle and see who wins.

Kartra Vs Infusionsoft Winner

Now that we’ve gone over the the pricing and features of each…

Here is who I think the champion is:

And that doesn’t mean Infusionsoft is poor choice.

Not at all!


Here are the reasons I would recommend Kartra over Infusionsoft:

  • It’s a simpler software to use (lower learning curve).
  • The cost is much more reasonable (compared to what you get).
  • You don’t have to pay a $299 just for a new signup training (which I don’t like).

After all.

Infusionsoft is often referred to as Confusionsoft for a reason…

And you might have noticed that just by checking out their pricing.


Or you can click the large FB testimonial picture under this to get to the same page.

And that’s all.

Thank you for reading this software battle post…

And I truly hope you enjoy whatever software you end up rolling with.

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