Kartra Vs Hubspot

I can see why you have such an interest in Kartra vs Hubspot.

First you have Hubspot:

  • The sales…
  • Marketing…
  • And service software that helps your business grow.

Then on the other hand you have Kartra.

  • Considered the easy way to build your entire online business fast.

With both of these softwares packing quite the marketing punch…

Let’s find out who comes up on top today.

Hubspot Features

There’s no doubt about it…

Hubspot comes with features that will please even the most advanced marketers.

So before I get into them?

Here’s a quick review of the platform itself (in case you’re a visual person like me):


Let’s dive deeper into what Hubspot offers.

Hubspot CRM

With so many features of Hubspot…

This might be one of the most popular ones.

And do you want to know what’s so great about the Hubspot CRM?

And the best part of the Hubspot CRM?

This is what the Hubspot page says itself…

You only can you add 1,000,000 contacts and unlimited users…

Your free access to the CRM has no time limit.


There’s a ton of micro features when it comes to their CRM.

So rather than me make this feature 2,000 words long?

Here is the perfect explainer video for you to sink your teeth into:


Onto the next feature.

Hubspot Marketing Hub

This is something that is very similar to what Kartra does.

Here’s just a fraction of the features that come along with the Marketing Hub.

  • SEO.
  • Lists.
  • AB testing.
  • Social media.
  • Calls to action.
  • Landing pages.
  • Mobile optimization.
  • Contact management.
  • Blog and content creation tools.
  • Facebook and Instagram lead ads.

And a whole lot more.


There is much to love when it comes to the Marketing Hub.

And on that note?

Let’s take a closer look at the Hubspot landing pages.

Hubspot Landing Pages

Face it.

You’re going to need some type of landing page nowadays.

And just in case you were wondering…

The landing pages are mobile optimized so you don’t immediately lose out on visitors.

And one more thing?

These landing pages allow you to get growing pretty darn quickly.

Here is yet another demo video for you.

I know.

I love posting videos 🙂

Now since this is a Kartra vs Hubspot post…

Let’s compare the Hubspot landing pages to the Kartra landing pages.

Kartra Landing Pages

So Kartra landing pages come along with a very smooth drag and drop editor…

And once again?

It’s this type of smoothness that allows you to hit the ground running.

Because face it.

Landing pages having a drag and drop editor is the new standard nowadays.

Yup, here is the demo for Kartra landing pages:

So that’s that.

Back to Hubspot when it comes to the battle of Kartra vs Hubspot.

Hubspot Sales Hub

So who might need this the most?

Glad you asked.

  • Sales teams.
  • And anyone looking to implement advanced strategies.

Here’s just a few tiny features of this software:

  • Deals.
  • Tasks.
  • Calling.
  • Teams.
  • Documents.
  • Phone support.
  • Contact insights.
  • Email sequences.
  • Sales automation.
  • Email scheduling.
  • Contact management.

And there are many more great features too!

Feel free to checkout the sales demo for it down below:

I’m so thankful for YouTube videos…

As they save me from having to do so much more typing 😛

And don’t worry.

I understand that I haven’t been giving Kartra that much credit and will very soon.

So let’s finish up with one more stellar Hubspot feature.

Hubspot Service Hub

So in a nutshell?

  • This is all about customer service.

Here’s a few of the advanced features it comes with:

  • Calling.
  • Live chat.
  • Ticketing.
  • Team email.
  • Email templates.
  • Email sequences.
  • Conversational bots.
  • Customer service automation.

And much more!


Let’s compare this to what Kartra has going on it for it.

One great feature of Kartra is that they come with an awesome helpdesk.

And what I really like their helpdesk?

It’s all apart of Kartra so you don’t have to invest in a third party support system.

Check out the details down below for more information:

Pretty awesome right?

  • So Hubspot has been out for a while now.
  • They feature multiple softwares with different purposes…
  • And are certainly great when it comes to many advanced features.

If you are looking for just one software or aspect of Hubspot?

Then it just might be right for you.

Or maybe you want to get more (while getting a discount):

Alright and that wraps up the Hubspot section.

Now onto the other software.

What Does Kartra Offer?

One of the best aspects of Kartra (when it comes to Kartra vs Hubspot)…

Is that everything is under one simple roof.

And what do I mean by that?

There’s no need to invest in a few different softwares.

Here are some of the amazing features when it comes to Kartra.

Kartra Done For You Campaigns

Funny to think that this is more of a bonus than a feature…

But this is one stone you can’t leave un-turned.

When you get your 2 week trial with Kartra (by following this link)…

You get professionally put together campaigns done by Frank Kern himself.

Don’t rub your eyes.

That wasn’t a typo (although there’s probably plenty of them on here somewhere)!

Frank Kern might as well be the Al Pacino of online marketing…

The guy is a pretty damn big deal.


What’s so awesome about these campaigns?

It means you don’t have to do 90% of the hard work.

All you pretty much have to do is:

  • Just add in your product names.
  • Add in your image.
  • And the pricing…

And then you are ready to get the show on the road.

Here’s what also comes along with Kartra.

Kartra Landing Pages

And yes I know I mentioned them previously.

But it’s important that you know they come along with a stellar drag and drop builder…

And that most of the Kartra plans feature an unlimited amount of visitors.

  • You can use your own custom domain.
  • And you can also split test your landing pages for maximum results.

Here is where you can see the split test feature in action.

Here is another awesome Kartra feature.

Kartra Funnels And Campaigns

I’m not going to go into deep detail when it comes to this…

Because I imagine it’s expected that a funnel builder allows you to build funnels 😛

And aside from that?

You also have the ability to set up some advanced automations.

(kind of like Hubspot allows you to do)

Combine the Kartra automation with their Mail (autoresponder) system…

And you’ve got a recipe to pull off some neat little marketing tactics.

Kartra Membership Sites

Membership sites are always a great feature to have.

After all.

You can do some fancy things with them like:

  • Gating up your downloads.
  • Drip feeding content so customers don’t get information overload.
  • Setting up multiple membership tiers (with various price points to pick from).

And a whole lot more.

Check out the video down below to see a membership site in action.


There’s a whole lot more features when it comes to Kartra.

Features like:

  • Kartra videos.
  • Kartra analytics.
  • Kartra commerce.
  • Affiliate management system.

And of course E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G that you can do with the tool itself including:

  • Super advanced funnels.
  • Product launches.
  • eCommerce.
  • Downsells.
  • Upsells.
  • Etc.

So if Kartra sounds like it’s your cup of tea:

So now that I’ve covered many of the popular features…

Let’s decide the champion.

Kartra Vs Hubspot Champion

Who wins?


In my opinion.

Each software will be better for individuals in different stages of their business.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You’re a grizzled veteran.
  • You’re looking for super advanced features.
  • You don’t mind investing a lot more money to grow your business.

If you could nod your head up and down to at least two of those bullet points above…

Then I would have to say that Hubspot might be a good fit.

On the other side

If any of these happen to sound like you…

  • You want a lot of great features all in one software.
  • You aren’t a grizzled veteran and want something more price friendly.
  • You care more about simplicity and results rather than using something super advanced.

If any of those sound like you?

Then Kartra would most definitely be a much better fit for you.

Or you can click the picture of the lady down below to get to the same page.

kartra vs hubspot

And that should do it.

Thank you for reading this battle post…

And I truly hope that you go with whatever serves you the best!

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