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So you’re using ClickFunnels (or you’re about to) and you’re looking to:

  • Add your PDF download.
  • Upload your PDF download.
  • And perhaps even link to your PDF.

Then this is the perfect post for you.

Let’s get right on into how you can accomplish this.

Getting To ClickFunnels Digital Assets

First things first?

You are going to need to sign in.

At the top of the page is a Login button where you can do what you need to.

And once you’re logged in?

Use your mouse to hover over your picture on top right of the page…

And then click on Digital Assets.

(here is what it should look like on your side)

clickfunnels pdf

And now you’re going to want to click on +New Asset button.

Uploading Your ClickFunnels PDF

Now the rest is pretty easy…

But here’s what each section means:

  • Choose file is going to be the file that you’d like to upload.
  • Asset name is going to be what you’d like to call your PDF file.
  • From name you can put Batman.
  • From email you can also put [email protected]
  • And as far as the message? I’ll let you choose that one 🙂
  • And after that the click the Add button towards the bottom of the page.

And now?

You have your very own shiny-new PDF file…

Which ClickFunnels likes to refer to as a digital asset.

Getting Your PDF Download Link

Here is how you get the URL of whatever it is that you just uploaded.

Towards the right side of the screen…

You would simply click on the 3 vertical dots and click Copy Asset Path.

That will give you the link for your PDF.

And all you need to do is add that link to any:

  • Banner.
  • Button.
  • Picture.
  • Or link in your funnel.

Simple stuff.

But even if that wasn’t simple enough for you…

Here is a total video walk through which will show you:

  • How to add a PDF file to ClickFunnels.
  • How to link a PDF to a download button in ClickFunnels.

I hope that this quick tutorial helped you out.

Thank you for stopping by…

And lightning speed when it comes to building your online business.

P.S. If you haven’t gotten ClickFunnels yet then feel free to checkout my review in the link below:

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